Shop search, made easy

Izir allows anyone to easily find any shop in New Caledonia and locals to list their owns.

The app in a nutshell

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Efficient search

You can find a shop according to its type and your actual location.

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Quick listing

Local shop owners can list their shop faster than ever.

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Useful information

In addition to the schedule of a shop, you can also see what it sells.

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What's inside?

Our app offers heaps of free features such as:

• searching a shop based on its type and your location
• accessing the schedule, address, phone number and articles that a shop sells
• chatting with shop owners in order to book a place or enjoy their discounts and promotions.

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Still plenty to discover

An app tailored for everyone

Whether you came to visit a friend in New Caledonia or you're traveling the country, we thought of you.
In addition to be available in French, our app is translated (handmade of course! no Google translate!) in English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Bonus: you won't even need to set the proper language in the app. It will detect your device language and adjust itself automatically.

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Direct chat

Converse with shop owners

You need to book a restaurant ?
Or just need some info on a certain item?

You don't even need Facebook!

Get in touch with a shop owner directly within the app as it integrates a chat system that allows such interactions.

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The information relevancy, pushed beyond

These information give you the ability to know whether a shop:

- is accessible to person with reduced mobility
- offers special prices to senior people
- allows dining-in
- or if the given shop accepts takeaway orders.

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Our application makes discovering New Caledonia great again.

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